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    Машиностроение и металлургическая промышленность.

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    Обрабатывающая промышленность

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    Агропромышленный комплекс - переработка сельскохозяйственного сырья и получения из него продукции.

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    Пищевая и химическая промышленность.

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    Добывающая промышленность горно-химического сырья, угля, руд чёрных и цветных металлов.


Dispenser designed to dispense the liquid-flowing or low-viscosity neutral and aggressive liquids, emulsions, suspensions, solutions. It is used in industrial, chemical, food, construction and other industrial industries.

Terminal control signal and opens the valve of the liquid. Through a tared counting chamber is specified number of liquid and the valve closes.

To maintain the accuracy metering includes a feature that, setting the liquid portion. "You can install some preliminary tasks.

This device allows you to display Displays the current dose, flow and installation portions, store data in memory when power is removed. We develop and manufacture custom equipment for filling and sealing of liquid and viscous products.

Dispenser of bags designed for automatic weighing, dosing and packaging in big bags type,, Big-Bag "good bulk products, such as cereals, sugar, fertilizer, plastic pellets, minerals and other materials.

The principle of operation is based on the bag dispenser rapid filling of the main portion of the product, followed by the exact dosypkoy to the target weight. This is achieved by controlling the flow of three-position pneumatic sectoral dampers.

Weighing terminal dispenser displays current weight dialed dose, number of pitches and the total weight of the shipped material, has convenient operation and opportunities for incorporation in a production line.

Dispenser hopper scales designed for automatic dispensing of any bulk and liquid materials in the production lines of metallurgical, cement, mining, building materials and other industries.

Dispensers bunker - it dispensers discrete (batch) actions designed to weight dosing of loose materials in production lines businesses. We also manufacture dispensers weight dosing liquids.

Belt weighers are used for continuous dynamic weighing and batching of dry materials in the process flows of the metallurgical industry, as well as cement plants, mining, coal, building materials and other industries.